Bean-to-bar bonbon workshop

By Rita Zamoshchina – La Carambole Patisserie

Carambole is one of the very few bonbon companies which uses bean-to-bar chocolate nearly exclusively, and the experience Rita has built up over the years can be very valuable to chocolatiers aspiring to work with bean-to-bar or craft chocolate.

Rita would love to share her knowledge with you, because it is truly a highlight for any chocolate production. In this workshop she will talk about her creative concept, about inconvenient flavour and texture combinations with different craft chocolates, skills for tasting couvertures, packaging, and how to approach the creation of a flavour combo. Together with Rita you will inspect the art of making bonbons from the outside and the inside.

This workshop will be divided in 2 parts. In the first part the concept of making artistic bonbons will be explained. There will be a focus on using bean-to-bar chocolate, and we’ll discuss both the advantages and the disadvantages of working this way.

In the second part we will do actual practice! Rita will explain everything in detail about tempering, colouring of the moulds, care of the moulds, moulding and sealing. We will inspect many different designs (brushing and airbrushing technique).Rita will be demonstrating these techniques live and there will be time to answer your questions as well.

La Carambole Patisserie is winner of three gold medals and one silver medal at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021


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