We love to work with quality craft chocolates, taste their complex flavour profiles and explore the history of cacao and chocolate and their impact on our planet and society, but most of all we like to share these stories with you. That’s why we have developed chocolate tasting and making courses where art, creativity and imagination play a prominent role in the learning process.

Here you will use your imagination and creative skills to learn to make artisan bonbons, fine flavour chocolate bars, improve your tasting skills and learn all about cacao and chocolate’s fascinating history

What motivates us

We are passionate about fine flavour chocolate! And we love that cacao and fine flavour chocolate are part of a virtuous industry that stimulates local economies, promotes wellbeing, contributes to food security, health and nutrition and to sustain biodiversity on our planet. That’s why we want more people to learn about quality chocolate and how to deeply appreciate it.


We give chocolate tastings, bean-to-bar workshops about artisan chocolate making and chocolate history, and specialised bonbon workshops, using art and creative expression as our main tools. We organise corporate events that stimulate creativity, teamwork healthy competitiveness, while we reveal the virtues and explore the complex flavours of artisan chocolate.


Our passion for cacao and fine flavour chocolate has brought us together. We combine our expertise and knowledge from different backgrounds with artistic skills in order to make the virtuous industry behind fine flavour chocolate and agroforestry more visible. Our activities intend to promote the bean-to-bar industry benefiting all actors in the chain; from cacao farming families to transformers to consumers. Get on board!

These are some of the organisations and companies companies we work with:

Contact us

by email in or call us by WhatsApp to Laura Reiman +44 7379415201 or Natalia López +506 88720767